Alison Ruzsa Midnight Kiss on the Hand Painted Enamels in Clear with Faceted Transparent Blue Overlay

Dimensions: 2-3/4” diameter & 3-1/8” tall 

Makers Mark: Hand inscribed, "Alison Ruzsa 2020".

Condition:  Mint. Brand New.

For those who follow Alison's work(and you all should) they will know that most all over her work is executed in layers of alternating clear crystal and hand-painted scenes of heat treated enamels. On rare occasions her work is surface treated with iridescences and/or sometimes finished with a frosted etching. This work however is altogether different and special. As is typical the core is clear but the final overlay was done in a transparent midnight blue effectively cloaking the scene in the coolness of night as a young couple romantically part ways with a kiss on the hand. For more on Alison and her technique please watch Pondering Paperweights Episode 1.