Extremely Rare Antique Islington Glass Art Paperweight Complex Millefiori Chequer with White Latticino

Dimensions  3-1/16" diameter & 2-1/16” tall

Makers Mark: Unsigned 

Provenance: Unavailable 

Condition: Excellent, original unpolished surface, with minor wear including scratches and a couple faint bruises. There is some cording in the upper dome.

This is a rare opportunity for an elite collector. Islington paperweights are extremely rare. Around 30 millefiori paperweights are believed to exist. This unusual star patterned chequer is the only known example of this design. Other known examples feature closepacks, concentric, spaced millefiori and a group that features close concentric designs with bicolored stave baskets. Several of the canes in this piece match other known pieces and this examples was featured in the PCC newsletter as well as the 2022 PCA Annual Bulletin. Please see the 2013, 2014, 2020 & 2022 PCA Annual Bulletins for additional information.