Monumental Damon MacNaught 2020 Triple Tiered Stave Baskets with Complex Millefiori

Dimensions : 2-5/8" diameter & 3-7/8” tall

Makers Mark: Hand inscribed near the base "Damon MacNaught 2020" and a signature cane embedded in the underside. 

Provenance: Brand New. 

Condition: Mint. Please see photos and let us know if you need any additional assistance.  

The triple paperweight is a design which is difficult to make. Aside from the difficult task of stacking three different paperweights onto of one another and assembling them while hot the artist must consider the relationship between each part and how they play against each other. The proportions and ratios between the individual weights must first be carefully considered. If the proportions are out of line then the viewer is left with a sense of unease and thus the technically difficult achievement is lost. If the overall size of the work is too excessive the intimacy and subtle delicacy is too lost. Damon has proven, with this new series, that form enhances beauty and elevates the the fine details of the art within. The paperweight is an art meant to fit the hand, aside from that there are no rules.