Richard Satava Art Glass Sculpture Giant Lampwork Double Moon Jellyfish

Rough Dimensions: 4-1/2” Diameter & 9" Tall 

Makers Mark: Hand inscribed to the flat polished base, "Satava 2428-13"

Provenance: Unavailable  

Condition: Excellent, only minor shelf wear to the base. Please see photos and let us know if you need any additional assistance.    

"How did they get those jellyfish in the glass?" "Poor things...thats animal cruelty." These are just a couple of the comments that one hears at shows from people whispering under their breath as they pass by. While they may look just like the real thing, these are in fact 100% glass and entirely handmade with molten hot glass. Yes, Satava's jellyfish are a marvel of modern glass artistry, taking him years to perfect. These hyper-realistic glass sculptures are second to none. So captivating and sought after by the collectors around the world the grace of these jellyfish are one of the most copied works in modern art glass - though no artist has come close. Satava's jellyfish are hands down the most graceful, realistic, and elegant of all jellyfish ever executed in glass. Satava has made these jellyfish in a number of sizes from 5" tall up to 12"+. This is one the larger examples and I find the double jellyfish particularly attractive with the elegant dance of the two, gracefully rising from a barnacle scattered seafloor.