Cathy Richardson 2021 Flamework Coral Reef with All Over Surface Engraving 1 of 1

Dimensions: 3-1/2” Diameter & 2-5/8” Tall  

Makers Mark: Hand inscribed “Cathy Richardson 2021 1 of 1”.

Provenance: Brand New     

Condition: Mint.  

A school of six orange tropical fish explore a detailed flamework reef featuring various types of realistic corals with vivid colors having great dimension and detailed textures. Though the flamework is beautiful the "star of the show" is clearly the all-over hand engraved surface. Numerous species of corals are depicted on the surface with finely carved details at every turn. When held, the carved surface has a wonderful feel and one really gets a sense of the time, patience and talent the work required. As one explores the piece the surface engraving frames elements of the internal flamework at times hiding and then exposing details of the internal coral and fish in great drama. With the heft of the paperweight form we sometimes forget about the true delicate nature of the sculpture within but in some odd way the very fine details of the surface engraving remind the viewer just how delicate this work really is.