Damon MacNaught 2023 Glass Art Paperweight Complex Concentric Millefiori with Pine Tree Silhouettes & Stave Basket

Dimensions : 2-5/8" diameter & 1-3/4” Height

Makers Mark:  Hand Inscribed to the side of the dome and signature "M" cane included in the underside of the setup    

Provenance: Brand New

Condition: Mint

A four row concentric in mostly blues, greens, and white tones including hints of yellow found in the honeycomb canes and pink flashes at the centers of some of the complex bundles. At the center is a cog shaped pistachio colored millefiori framed by blue canes and alternating black/white pine tree silhouettes. The outer row of blue and green canes are pulled to the base forming a tidy stave basket.