Gordon Smith 2021 Flamework Corn Snake with Succulents and Lichen Covered Rocks

Dimensions: 3-1/2" Diameter & 2-1/2” Tall 

Makers Mark: Signature "GS" cane and hand inscribed "12022" to the side of the dome. 

Provenance: Brand New  

Condition: Mint

For years Gordon has tirelessly honed his craft. Today he is at the height of his career - making some of the most realistic and biologically accurate compositions ever attempted in glass.

This is a superb example featuring a coiled white with yellow patterned corn snake resting over a sandy ground with fine moss and numerous pebbles of various sizes, textures and type. The naturalistic scene is further elevated with various species of true to life succulent plants and large rocks textured with yellow and orange lichen.  When viewing such work one forgets that every detail is hand sculpted out of glass. At the flame, Gordon uses fine tools and countless glass color combinations all in an effort to create the most realistic glass sculpture ever achieved. I have no doubt that works like these will be treasured and celebrated for generations to come.