Mickael Hingant 2020 Flamework Flowers on Mauve Plaque Cold-Work by Jim Poore

Rough Dimensions:4-5/8" Long, 3-1/8" Wide, 1-1/2" Thick.

Makers Mark: Signature "MH" cane included in the setup.

Provenance: Brand New.   

Condition: Mint. Please see photos and let us know if you need any additional assistance.  

With these new works Mickael explores an exciting new take on the art of the paperweight. The brilliant colors in the blossoms are an important feature in Mickael's aesthetic and the play well against the mauve colored ground. The plaque fits perfectly in the hand and the expert cutting and polishing by Jim Poor is clean and precise. At the center of each blossom is a complex millefiori and the bouquet is neatly tied with a blue and red ribbon.