Paul Stankard Glass Art Paperweight Flamework Bontanical Sculptural Block Red Raspberries with White Blossoms and Root People

Dimensions : 4-1/2" height,  2-5/8 width & 2-1/4 depth 

Makers Mark:  Hand inscribed near the base

 Provenance: Unavailable 

Condition: Near mint

American Master Paul Stankard put the paperweight world on end (literally) with the introduction of his true to life botanicals. He pushed the art of vacuum encased flamework to the very limits by reimagining the possible and inventing new techniques.

This work, dating from the 1990s, contains five separate encasements that have been fused together and then cut and polished to the finished form. Each step in the making process adds exponential levels stress and risk of loss. Hot glass is particularly unforgiving. The artist can’t simply paint over a mistake, faults are most often catastrophic and few artists are willing to push the medium to these limits. Works like this represent countless days of trial and error with progress measured over many years. Not only is this a beautiful work of glass art it is a technical wonder.