Rick Ayotte 2000 Faceted Glass Art "Hallucination" Paperweight Sculpture Flamwork Blueberry & Daisy Bouquet

Dimensions: 6-1/4” diameter & 5” Deep

Makers Mark: Hand inscribed to the underside, "RA 00".

Condition: Near Mint, minimal shelf wear to the base.

In his breakthrough “Hallucination” series Rick Ayotte demonstrated his deep understanding of the optical properties of glass by fully utilizing the dimensional qualities of the paperweight canvas. While to the viewer it may appear that the center bouquet is framed by an additional garland, in actuality this is an illusion achieved by faceting the surface such that it produces a spectacular internal display of a dazzling reflections.  Few examples were made in the series and each is unique. Thie example feats a bouquet of blue berries in varying degrees of ripeness and color, three large daises in blue, pink and white complimented by green foliage on the periphery. The piece resembles a reclined conical form with 15 angular side facets radiating outward from a transparent blue backing.