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About Us

A Los Angeles, California based purveyor of fine antique and contemporary glass art since 2011. Specializing in the art of millefiori and miniature flamework or torchwork glass sculpture encapsulated in solid clear crystal. 

Artists who specialize in these techniques today are few. There are perhaps fewer than twenty living artists who are capable of producing fine quality encapsulated sculpture. It is a rare, difficult, and unforgiving art form. It is an art which truly takes a lifetime to master. Few posses the artistic virtues, technical skill, and perseverance it requires. 

The works offered here date from the mid 1800s up to the present day - representing the very finest this art form has to offer.

The earliest works were true utilitarian objects but were still very precious and indeed valuable objects. The finest examples would have been collected, bought, and sold much like the contemporary art of today. Contemporary artists have refined the craft and elevated it to fine art achieving realism and detail never thought possible.