Matt Fimiano

Matt Fimiano found glassblowing while attaining a degree in materials science and engineering at Pennsylvania State University. After mixing and making different glass colors in the lab, he began blowing glass at the shop that was built in the materials science building on campus. Upon graduating from Penn State he moved to Seattle in 2007 to pursue a life in glass art and production. He studied and worked at Pilchuck Glass School for many summers while working multiple production glassblowing jobs at different hot shops in Seattle.

His work is inspired by the modern physics and optics classes that he studied. The refracting and reflecting of light through glass and the colors that can be produced are endless. He utilizes these enthralling characteristics of the glass to make patterns that captivate and exemplify these features in his soft-glass paperweights and blown vessels.

His millefiori, are original and of his own design. They are composed of tightly bundled complex elements and include forms rarely seen in paperweights.