Antique Baccarat 1847 Closepack "Church Weight" with Complex Millefiori Gridel Silhouette Canes & One Flower Stem Murrine

Dimensions  3" diameter & 1-3/4” tall

Makers Mark: "B1847" signature/date cane included in the setup.

 Provenance: Unavailable  

Condition: Excellent no condition issues discovered

On October 3, 1951, after the ravages of WWII, a very important artifact was discovered in the ruins of the Baccarat Church, a Baccarat closepack paperweight. This paperweight was to become known the world over as the famous Baccarat “Church Weight". This weight and the story of its discovery has inspired collectors throughout the decades. Similar Baccarat closepacks like the one seen here have been noted by many well established collectors as the one that captured their imagination and set their paperweight collecting into motion.

This example is large at a full 3" in diameter and is in superb condition with out flaw. It contains countless complex millefiori including seven Gridel silhouette (two storks, one squirrel, one monkey, one dove and and additional two dove 'hidden' stork silhouette canes) and one flower murrine.