Antique Bohemian Art Glass Paperweight Concentric Complex Millefiori

Rough Dimensions: 1-7/8" diameter & 1” tall

Makers Mark: unsigned 

Provenance: unavailable 

Condition: Very good, faint marks to the upper dome and shelf wear to the flat polished base. Please see photos and let us know if you need any additional assistance. 


There is some debate as to where these weights originate. Scholars seem to be split into too main camps. The first believes that these are Chinese because the cane structure shares some broad similarities to known early 1930’s Chinese millefiori. The other camp believes that they are Bohemian or perhaps some other European origin not yet known. Until recently I believed that these were Chinese but the quality of the glass is far superior even better than contemporary Chinese exports. They are made of high density glass and when compared to 1930’s era Chinese weights, they emit a very different color under black light. Under close scrutiny the catalogue of cane design for paperweights in this group is far more extensive than those of similar Chinese design. It is my belief that these belong to an unknown European maker; probably Bohemia.