Colin Richardson 2022 Glass Art Paperweight Flamework Floral & Berry Crescent Bouquet "Asters in the House of Orange"

Dimensions : 3-3/8" Diameter & 2-1/4” Height  

Makers Mark: Ti-pen signed to the side of the dome, "Colin Richardson 2022"

Provenance: Brand New 

Condition: Mint

These crescent bouquets are very difficult to arrange. The balance between the positive and negative space can be easily tipped giving the arrangement an awkward of unsettling feeling. Colin has done a fine job in selecting the right color, form and texture and assembling a pleasing and welcoming crescent shaped design. In this piece we find several yellow berries, blue flowers, large pink asters and orange flowers tucked amongst long green dichroic striated leaves that reach into the negative space with elegance and grace.