Clichy Paperweights, Classics of the Nineteenth Century by Paul H. Dunlop

From the back dust jacket:

"The Cristallerie de Clichy was arguably the finest paperweight maker in the world during the classic period. In their relatively short history they made some of the finest weights ever produced. This book is the history of Clichy, focusing on its magnificent glass paperweights. The author has spent over thirty years, and driven over a million miles, researching and photographing weights for inclusion in this book. Here the reader will find the history of the crystalworks and its wonderful creations. Also included is an overview of the period world's fairs, starting with the first one, the London Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1851. Clichy was an award winner and major contributor to these stunning exhibitions which helped shape industry and commerce worldwide. Clichy's classic period millefiori and lampwork paperweights, as well as cameo and foil incrustations, and paperweight-related objects are covered in detail. The broad range of approaches to a subject and the relative rarity of each is discussed. Clichy's weights-from the most common to the rarest-are all here. This book is a must for any connoisseur of Clichy crystal or paperweight collector. This large format book has 240 pages and is lavishly illustrated with almost 900 color photographs and over 100 original drawings..... As we have come to expect from Paul Dunlop, the illustrations are outstanding; he has captured the typical warm, rich colors of Clichy paperweights beautifully and goes to great pains to show the weights their actual size.This long-promised volume, Clichy Paperweights-classics of the nineteenth century, brings an impressive amount of new information to light. Everything you wanted to know or cared to imagine about Clichy paperweights can likely be found in this truly outstanding reference book which should rightly take a prominent place in every serious collector's bookcase. John D. Hawley - Author and Collector"



  • Publishing Date: 2020 

  • Format: Hardcover:

  • 240pages, Large Format

  • English Language