Damon MacNaught & Andrew Najarian 2013 Collaboration Cold Worked Basket of Complex Concentric Millefiori

Dimensions: 2-1/2” diameter & 1-7/8” tall 

Makers Mark: Hand inscribed to the base with signature cane embedded under the canes.  

Condition:  Mint, no condition issues discovered.

A rare collaborative work featuring the best of both worlds. The unusual weight contains four concentric rows of Damons complex millefiori with the outer row pulled to the base forming a blue stave basket. Once cooled the piece was meticulously cold-worked by Andrew Najarian creating a miniature basket which is precise and communicates a unique tactile experience. The sides of the work gracefully sweep upward to a faceted handle holding basket with fluted walls.  Very few baskets were made due to it being a labour intensive design. To learn more about Damon please watch Pondering Paperweights Episode 2.