Extremely Rare Antique Clichy Lampwork Flower with Unusual Split Millefiori Cane Petals

Rough Dimensions:  2-1/2” Diameter & 1-3/4” Tall 

Makers Mark: Unsigned

Provenance: A Private European Collection     

Condition: Excellent with no condition issues.  Please see photos and let us know if you need any additional assistance.

Every now and then something truly special comes along making all the long days of hunting and following up on leads worth while. What we have here is not just a superb example of an antique 19th century lampwork flower from the famed Clichy factory in France. No. And what makes it exceptional is not just the overall execution which is very fine and well composed. But rather it is the unique technique used for creating this wonderful fantasy flower. You see in this piece, each of the eight petals that make up the blossom are in fact short sections of millefiori canes that have been split in half lengthwise and drawn out from the millefiori found at the center of the blossom. There are very few "split cane" Clichy fantasy flowers - perhaps less than a couple dozen can be found in paperweight literature and auction catalogs from the past 50yrs. One would be hard pressed to find one in a museum let alone in a private collection. Make no mistake this is a very rare opportunity and the weight featured here would be the pride of any collection.