Jim D'Onofrio 2003 Lampwork Garden Gnome Bouquet on Clear Ground

Rough Dimensions: 3-1/2" diameter & 2-1/2” tall

Makers Mark: Script signed, "Jim D'Onofrio 2003"

Provenance: unavailable 

Condition: Near Mint. Please see photos and let us know if you need any additional assistance.

As one looks back on the history and trajectory of the art and paperweight aesthetics there are few artist who we can point to who truly challenged the traditions. While many makers, collectors, dealers, & curators have turned to the classical era as bench marks for paperweight aesthetics - D'Onofrio saw the potential of paperweights in braoder terms. To him the dome of the paperweight was nothing more than a blank canvas - a space in which any scene or subject could be reproduced. In his extensive body of work we find everything from the beautiful to the whimsical, curious, and silly. The confidence in is work and the high level of artistic freedom is something of a marvel. His works are both surprising and examples of the highest technical achievements seen in the modern era. This whimsical bouquet is a great example of the D'Onofrio's where he has reimagined the common (and perhaps boring) flower bouquet, substituting blossoms for gnomes.