Ken Rosenfeld 2021 Flamework End-of-Day Scramble with Flowers, Easter Eggs & More

Dimensions: 3-3/8" Diameter & 2-5/8" Tall 

Makers Mark: Signature/date cane included in the setup.

Provenance: Brand New  

Condition: Mint.

Scrambles or End-of-Day style paperweights can be some of the most interesting paperweights to explore with a magnifying glass. In good examples from the great factories of 19th century one might discover all types of leftover bits of leftover canes and pieces of broken lampwork - if you're really lucky you might find a signature cane or the odd silhouette.  In this modern example, Ken uses bits and pieces of his famed lampwork including full flower blossoms, roses, candy canes, colorful Easter eggs, and fruits & vegetables. So grab a magnifying glass, a bright light, pull-up a comfy chair and see what you'll discover in this scramble of glass beauty.