Magnum Damon MacNaught 2022 Glass Art Paperweight Complex Concentric Millefiori with Pink & Green Ribbon Torsade

Dimensions : 3-1/8" diameter & 2-1/8” Height

Makers Mark:  Hand Inscribed to the side of the dome and signature "M" cane included in the underside of the setup 

Provenance: Brand New 

Condition: Mint

At the 2022 PCA Convention Damon introduced these new magnum weight that include torsades embedded within concentric millefiori designs. It was the first time that he used this design element. To say they were a big hit with collectors would be an understatement. Which is no surprise. The torsades compliment the millefiori and add texture and dimension to the otherwise flat field of closely packed concentric millefiori. I am thrilled to offer some of the first of these new designs. 

This piece features a complex center motif with pistachio, pink & blue cogs, roses and bundled blue millefiori pulled together by a pink and green twisted ribbon torsade joined by a pink heart. The outer row of contains blue dogwood blossoms and pink filled pistachio colored cogs. A stave basket of orange tubes and pink millefiori embraces the entire setup.