Mathieu Grodet 2020 Fused Murrine "Brick" with Mark Twain (Or Not) Quotation

Dimensions:  3-1/8" Length,  2-1/8" Width & 7/8" Thick 

Makers Mark: Unsigned

Provenance: Brand New  

Condition: Mint

Mathieu is an extraordinary artist who uses his many talents to create art which seamlessly combines various techniques and concepts creating art which is both unique and culturally significant. This piece features what is believed to be a quote by the great American writer Mark Twain. The work is composed of numerous individually fused murrine creating a solid murrine “brick” framed in black against a white field - cut and polished to finish. It is executed in soft glass with rich organic colors, following in the Venetian tradition, using the Franchini cane making technique.