Unique Antique St. Mandé Glass Art Paperweight Spiral Patterned Complex Millefiori

Dimensions: 2-1/8" diameter & 1-3/8” tall  

Makers Mark: Unsigned 

Condition:  Excellent with minor shelf wear to the base.   

After going back and forth between Saint-Louis and St. Mandé I have decided with guarded confidence that this unusual piece was produced by St. Mandé. The glass has a bluish tinge and while the central pistachio colored green cane speaks to a Saint-Louis origin the other canes are similar (in the case of the white tube bundles - matched) to known St. Mandé weights. Regardless of the maker however the design is altogether unique and unrecorded from the classical era. At focal is a large complex pink and green millefiori that is framed hypnotically by a patterned radiating spiral of white tube bundles and alternating red & white complex millefiori set of a clear crystal ground.