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Weights in Waiting

Launching Spring 2024!

Like discovering new details within your favorite paperweight each time it's admired, something new and beautiful is discovered in the World each time we step out our door. 

The idea behind the Weights in Waiting project is to reproduce the often overlooked intricate beauty of the paperweight on a global level. In it we image the World itself as one grand paperweight and these "weights in waiting" act as the hidden and detailed components that add to the beauty we create and find within. 

As an avid road tripper, Owner, Eric Jump loves to get out and explore. While on his family trips these weights are hidden throughout the World waiting to be discovered. We hope that you'll follow along, get out and explore your world and learn about the worlds encased in glass that we call paperweights. 

Clues of the hidden locations are announced on social media. Follow us on Instagram @thepaperweightcollection!

If you're one of the lucky few who find a "Weight in Waiting" be sure to post about it on social and tag us in the comments: @thepaperweightcollection #weightsinwaiting #galleryTPC

Or send us a friendly email. Either way we'd love to hear from you.

We love finding out where our paperweights end-up.

Charles Kaziun Crimp Rose in Coachella Valley (FOUND)